Our Mission

We are a client-centric organization that offers targeted leasing solutions designed to maximize ROI through our focus on culture, transparency and digital innovation. We believe that every client deserves to have an amazing customer service experience and have crafted a performance-driven model designed to disrupt the status quo.

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We're Industry Experts
With over 20 years of combined industry experience, Amanda and Melissa have direct experience in almost every angle of the multifamily space. We've worked as leasing agents, marketing and property managers, apartment brokers, and tech entrepreneurs. RL Accelerated was born out of our frustration with the inefficiencies we experienced in the space.

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We're Technology Pros
We have a deep understanding of the role technology plays in the lives of todays renters. We've built our tech solutions to cater to the on-demand lifestyle our prospective tenants expect. Our proprietary suite of tools allows renters to receive up-to-date, unit specific apartment information not available anywhere else in the market. Our digital suite allows our clients to market to renters in platforms they're already familiar with, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Our full service solution closes the gap between lead generation and closing the deal.  

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We're Expert Streamliners
The rental market is unnecessarily overcomplicated. RL Accelerated streamlines the process so that renters receive the information they need, at a time when they need it. The standard 9am-5pm office hours just doesn't make sense. Allowing apartment brokers to post hundreds of misleading ads for the same building is not only frustrating for the prospective renter, it drives qualified traffic away and dilutes the allure and branding that owners work so hard to create. RL Accelerated eliminates the need to rely on outdated industry solutions and inexperienced apartment locators. 





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