About ZoTa

Step One


Paid Search
Paid Search is a powerful way to get your listings up almost immediately and to gain prominence among search results. With Paid Search, you can address multiple objectives: immediate ROI, customer acquisition at all stages of the buying cycle, research, competitive pricing, and brand awareness.

ZoTa utilizes best practices to get ads about your apartment showing for relevant hyperlocal neighborhoods, competitors, brand searches, and specialized amenities -- all of which a potential resident are likely to search.


ZoTa Paid Search Networks

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Step Two


Pixel Based ReTargeting
Once a prospect is driven to your website via paid search, an ILS campaign, print marketing or any other medium, a tracking pixel is added to the users browser. This tracking pixel notifies ZoTa to begin serving targeted ads using paid search platforms including Google, Facebook and Instagram. The tracking pixel allows ZoTa to begin serving ads to otherwise anonymous users, with a goal of recapturing prospects that have conveyed interest. The cookie will capture anonymous data about the visitor’s site activity, and will use this data to place targeted ads.

Data shows that only 2% of web traffic submits contact information on the initial visit. Once a prospect visits your website, ZoTa gets to work on converting the other 98%.

Once ads begin to display, frequency capping is utilized to limit how many times a prospect is exposed to an ad per day. ZoTa then utilizes ad scheduling features to identify and target customers when they are most active, maximizing ad placement opportunities and increasing conversion opportunities.


Step Three


List Based ReMarketing 
Once a prospect submits contact information via the website, ZoTa adds specific customer information to our targeted ReMarketing list. ZoTa closely monitors the prospect journey and continues to deliver customized ads based on each prospects status within the sales cycle. ZoTa categorizes each prospect into one of the following ReMarketing channels 

Targeted Ads are served to each prospect category and thoughtfully designed to capture and/or retain interest with direct attention given to where a prospect is within the sales cycle. As with Pixel based remarketing, ad frequency caps and smart scheduling tools are utilized to maximize both conversion and ad spend. 

  • Nurturing

  • Prospect has submitted contact information but has yet to schedule a viewing

  • Evaluation

  • Prospect has toured the community but has yet to submit an application

  • Won

  • Prospect has completed an application



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