We bring in our elite team of agents

Our performance based team of agents will temporarily replace the in-house leasing team, saving thousands of dollars in staffing expenses and rapidly increasing closing ratios. Our dedicated and exclusive team of leasing agents immediately go to work developing a targeted marketing strategy designed to accelerate the leasing cycle of your property.

RL Accelerated serves as the exclusive broker

Unlike the traditional broker model, this relationship ensures that prospective tenants are only directed to your building for an apartment showing. 

Our agents are available around the clock

Designated RL Accelerated agents will live on-site (when applicable) and will have the ability to offer extended office hours to meet the prospect’s schedule. In the case of a new building that can seem, to many prospects, remote and empty, an in-house leasing team helps to make the community feel and look alive and active.

We serve as marketing experts and brand ambassadors

Through our direct partnership with RentLife, RL Accelerated utilizes proprietary technology to rapidly address digital presence, increase social validation and provide access to cutting edge technology trends. RL Accelerated utilizes strategic “broker focused” tactics and focuses on specific unit-level listing information. 

We leave you with a sustainable approach

Once the lease-up is stabilized, RL Accelerated will work with the new internal leasing team to provide specific training for accelerated leasing, and will work closely with the team to ensure the remainder of the vacant units are leased in the same efficient manner.